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KIPSINENDE TVC: Driver of Big Four Agenda and Vision 2030 as a Centre of Excellence in Automotive Engineering

By KATTI Writer

The Kipsinende Technical and Vocational College in Kericho County is one of the new TVET training institutes that was built in 2014 and opened its doors to students from Fort Ternan town as well as those within the ‘Green County of Kericho’.

“The construction of Kipsinende institute is a dream come true for most of the residents of Fort Ternan town and other surrounding towns that were previously forced to travel kilometers in search of a technical training institute hence most opted for manual jobs,” says Mr Joseph Mibey, Principal, Kipsinende Technical and Vocational College.

In 2016 under the mentorship of Ol’Lessos Technical Training Institute, the institute was able to attract 50 students from the old railway line town of Fort Ternan.

According to Mr. Mibey the institute has a student population of 600 but the capacity is 1500 students,but hoped to raise the enrollment  by 1100 students come September 2021 intake. “Already we have received numerous application from those who sat for their KCSE examinations, a clear sign that the institute is been admired by the locals as far as Kericho town” said Mr. Mibey.

Backed with 2 states of the art workshops for practical training, the institute is already roaring towards the greatness of offering the much needed technical skills that will spur the industrial revolution in Kenya.

“Our students have the best training that is a combination of both theory and practical, this institute we have divided our lessons into 30 per cent theory and 70 per cent, this is par the government directive. We also have 4-Demonstrative rooms which also backed up our training schedules, “comments Mr Mibey.

The community has also benefited from the construction of this institute; it has created a new resource avenue.

“The community has helped the institute by building up hostel facilities for our students and this has also lifted the economic status of this area. The institute has also created jobs for locals, most of the casual laborers are from within and it’s a huge impact for the people of Fort Ternan in general,” adds Mr Mibey.

Despite the huge potential of the institute, they are faced with three key challenges.

Mr Mibey cited various challenges that affect the institute among them poor road infrastructure as it affects the easy access to the institute, lack a school bus, extreme weather conditions and lack of a reliable water source. However, Mr. Mibey is pleased Kipsinende’s board of management has put in place a strategic plan of building a new town campus close to the main highway as part of the expansion.

Mr Mibey adds “Already we have a 10-acre parcel of land next to Fort Ternan township area we are in the process of sourcing the revenue construction, but we believe by 2024 this new campus will be operational. We are also planning to set up a motorcycle assembly plant within the Fort Ternan that will be a source of employment for locals as well as an extra source of income.”


What is Automotive/Automobile Engineering

The Automotive Industry is a gigantic sector and nowadays, it is one of the indispensable parts of the industry as it plays an important role in the commutation. With the advent of technology, almost every day, a new automotive product is introduced in the market and therefore, those who study Automotive/Automobile engineering have to keep themselves updated with the current norms of the industry.

Automotive engineering is one of the most sophisticated courses in engineering which involves the design, manufacturing, modification and maintenance of an automobile such as buses, cars, trucks and other vehicles.

Why students pursue Automotive Engineering

The first and foremost requirement to become an Automobile Engineer is “passion and interest” in cars and other automotive products. To pursue this course, one should have a basic understanding of subjects such as Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

The students should also have an aptitude for resolving mechanical problems. Creativity and innovative solutions in drawing, designing and repairs are a few essential skill-sets for this course.

Career areas in Automotive 

Following Automobile manufacturing industries provide ample job opportunities to Automobile engineering graduates:

  • Service stations of automobile companies
  • R&D
  • Production plants
  • Motor vehicle departments of control
  • Insurance company experts
  • Transport companies
  • State transport corporations

As students are taught design software during their graduation years, they also have opportunities in the designing sector.

A skilled automobile engineer can have a successful career in the Automobile industry across the globe.

Job Roles of an Automobile Engineer

Automobile Engineer

Automobile Designer

Vehicle/Car Designer

Executive & Managerial Positions

Automotive Design Engineer

Automotive Engineering Technician


With such courses to choose from, one can confidently say more students will enroll in the Institute and even surpass the envisaged number of 1500 students .

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