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EMGWEN TVC: Making Baby Steps Towards Technical Training

By KATTI Writer

Globally the rising unemployment among young people is a serious challenge for all countries, and the World Bank Group estimates that at least 475 million new jobs must be created in the coming decade to absorb the 73 million young people currently unemployed and the 40 million new workers entering the job market each year.

To reduce the unemployment gap among the youth, most developing countries like Kenya turned to Technical and Vocational Education and Training [TVET].

“The acquisition of employment skills as a key driver for economic development and growth is now a well acknowledged fact. When we equip our youth with technical skills, we are not only making them employable but instilling entrepreneurship that makes them escape poverty. TVET offers that skills that makes them productivity in life,” says Mrs Evelyn Ruto, Principal, Emgwen Technical and Vocational College.

Based in Nandi County in the northern part of the Great Rift Valley, Emgwen is one of the new TVET institutes.

Mrs Ruto “We are less than a year,actually the construction was completed in September,2020.We have a capacity of 500 students and 4 tutors .”

Currently, the institute is under the mentorship of Kaiboi Technical Training Institute as it makes bay steps towards technical training in the region.

“The government has identified two areas as the centre of excellence once the mentorship period elapses, they are Centre of excellence in Building & Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering.We have a state of the art workshops, Building & Civil Engineering,Automative and Electrical,” reveals Mrs Ruto.

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