The Kenya Association of Technical Training Institutions | Rift Valley Technical
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Rift Valley Technical

Rift Valley Technical

RVTTI Started in 1962 as a technical and trade school and was elevated to a high school in 1979 offering A-level courses in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. It made a technical training institute in 1986 and started offering Artisan, craft and Diploma courses.
The institute has been a launching pad, for Eldoret polytechnic, Chepkoilel University college, and Moi University school of health sciences.

Vision: To be an international  center of excellence in research and technical training

Mission: To train and produce knowledgeable skilled, innovative and responsible manpower in technical and business disciplines to meet the changing needs of industry and society


A Board of Governors(BOG) appointed by the Minister, MoHEST governs the institute.

Internal administrative structure is as follows;

The Principal / BOG secretary,
The Deputy Principal / Chairman Academic board,
The Registrar,
The Dean of students,
Heads of departments,
Heads of sections.


Medical and Applied Sciences
Business and Developmental Studies
Information and Communication Technology
Hospitality and Dietetics Management
Mechanical Engineering
Automotive Engineering
Building, Civil, and Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Automotive Engineering
Building, Civil, and Electrical Engineering


Higher and Ordinary Diploma in Applied Biology. (Hdip pass DAB) Dip Mn C-, Bio C-, pass in SLT
Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology.(Mn C, C  in Eng, Bio, Che, Mat/Phy  )
Diploma in Medical Lab. Technology. (as above/pass  in CMLT)
Diploma in Analytical Chemistry. (Mn C, Che C-, SLT)
Diploma in Medical Engineering. (C-, Mat/phy, Bio C-)
Diploma in Chemical Engineering (C-, Mat/phy, Che C-)
Certificate in Science LabTechnology.(D+,  Mat/phy D+)
Certificate in Medical Lab. Technology. (C-, Eng, Che, Bio C-, Mat/Phy D+)
Pre-Technician Upgrading in Maths, Eng, Chem, Bio & Physics. (Mn C-, less than C- in the subject to upgrade)